Me Linh Flower Village


The flower village always to get all peoples favorite. Especially, very many a couple young so like to come here took photographer.

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About Me Linh flower village

Me Linh flower village situated in Me Linh Commune, Me Linh District, Vinh Phuc with a total growing area of 200 ha. Various kinds of flowers grown here but most of them are roses, chrysanthemums, lilies… Flowers in Vinh Phuc are not only transported to Hanoi and neighboring locals but also exported to other countries.

Me Linh Flower Village
To harvesting flower

Best time to see,The best time to visit flower gardens is from December to March.

Information flower village

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When Hanoi expanded, Mê Linh land became a part of the capital. This flower village was famous for quite a long time, concentrated in communes such as Tráng Việt, Văn Khê, Mê Linh, Tiền Phong, Thanh Lâm. Mê Linh village has many kinds of flowers, like Daisy, Rose, Dahlia, Gladiolus, Carnation. Additionally, new types of roses have planted in the village such as French rose; Dutch rose, and China rose. This has created an abundance of flowers in the area.

Me Linh Flower Village
Yellow daisy

From North Thăng Long – Nội Bài highway, the bus no.7 will take you straight to the village. You can also go by motorbike or take a taxi to get there. Spending a weekend at the village to feel the spring is very close

Me Linh Flower Village
Flower field

What do you do when in flower village?

You can Become a farmer, help people cut and collect flowers. You can to sightseeing around the village and enjoy local food, culture exchange!

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