Reviews for Hanoi Street Food


“USD15 Tour”_ 5 stars, 23 Oct 2010A very interesting morning walking tour of Hanoi Old Quarter. The guide provides lots of information of each street. You can experience the daily life of the local people. Tours start about 6.30am and finish about 10.30am with simple breakfast provided. Worth every cents.

“Hanoi food walking tour”_ 5 stars, 9 Dec 2010
Wonderful 3 hour walking tour of Hanoi Old city focusing on ‘street food’ Our charming young guide was knowledgable about both the political and culinary history of the city.

“Great Value, Great Experience!”_4 stars, Nov 28, 2011

Reviews for Hanoi Street Food
Reviews for Hanoi Street Food

Owner/operator, Mr. Anh indeed aims to please through great customer service. We booked our Food on Foot Tour the day we arrived in Hanoi hoping to get a good feel through a trusted guide on street food. We checked into our hotel and several hours later, around 6pm, we were greeted by our guide “Tu” (Pronounced Two). His English was solid and the best part was, to our surprise, we were the only ones on the tour….so he was our private guide. Our first day in Vietnam and suddenly we were eating street cooked common foods in hidden back allies and learning about some of the common dishes around…it was great! We sampled rice wine, beer, and some interesting street food. We went through the market and all over town. I’d do this tour again and recommend it for the adventurous eaters. It is NO Frills and fun!

I think I’m a foodie and now that we’ve eaten tons of street food in Vietnam, including other places in Hanoi, my only recommendation to improve the tour would be to try and seek out some of the tastiest street stands around. Some of the places we went to were a fun experience, but some of the food was just ok. There is so much good, cheap food in town why not cherry pick the best. Again, overall excellent value, food was solid and I’d recommend it.

“Blown away by Awesome service!”_  5 stars, 22 Dec 2011

Reviews for Hanoi Street Food
Reviews for Hanoi Street Food

Anh of Awesome walks the talk! Sunday morning walking tour of Hanoi Old Quarters for US $1 conducted by Mr Anh personally with local breakfast and Vietnamese coffee thrown in? You better believe it! Dress warmly though, it’s cold in December.

My wife and I enjoyed the morning walk so much we signed up for his evening Food on Foot tour ( sorry not US$1 – Anh has got to make a living right?) which allows foodies to walk and eat their way around the old quarters sampling local street food. Our favourite was the vermecelli noodle with dried crispy eel which comes in both soup and dry versions. Both are equally tasty. There were only three of us on this tour ( my wife, myself and a fellow foodie from the morning tour but we had a great time!
Before we arrived in Hanoi, Mr Anh also helped us to purchase in advance our tickets to the Water Puppet Show. Mr Anh provides great service ( with no hassles about prepayment ) and always with a touch of humour.
Thanks for everything and cheers!

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