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I found the Hanoi Garden restaurant by looking at Google Maps and realising that it was within a comfortable walking distance of our hotel. I wanted to reserve a table since the night we were flying in was my mother’s birthday. So I sent them an email requesting for a table reservation and they were quick to respond with a confirmation. They even offered seating choices to us of outdoor in the courtyard, or a private room. Since we hadn’t been here before we asked for some pictures and then decided on the private room.

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Review for Hanoi Garden Restaurant

Even though we had not asked for it, the restaurant offered to arrange a cake for my mother’s birthday as well. We highly appreciated this initiative and were quite thankful to them for going the extra mile. On the day of our arrival unfortunately we got delayed due to a longer time at visa processing. As soon as we had a working phone we called the restaurant and they promised to hold the table for us.

Hanoi Garden Restaurant

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Once we arrived at the restaurant we were met with very friendly staff who showed us to a beautiful private dining room. The menus were presented and all the choices looked quite enticing. In the end we ordered a few different dishes because we wanted to try multiple items on the menu.

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