Full day tour to discover Hanoi


I have a full day tour with a lot of surprises with two families from two countries other (A family from Singapore and A family from Malaysia). It’s making me very excited when I took them to visit famous location of Hanoi

>> Hanoi half day tour with the old quarter and french quarter

>> The old quarter

Picked up

Diem Anh – Ms operator tour said me: “Today, you only have other guests.” But when I arrived hotel, the receptionist told me:” can you take more .“ I said YES, and I had more a family. At that moment, I tried to know how could I do. I stood between them to speak. Strangely, my voice was louder, clearer, definitive than another tour . At the moment, I felt quite confident and strong, so I kept that feeling to make the tour

Full day tour to discover Hanoi
A corner old quarter

During Hanoi full day tour

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I decided to take them to The The old quarter, Hoan Kiem lake, The Hoa Lo prison, Van Mieu. But sometime, I had to change my schedule because we also had chidlren and granmar. They could not walk so far.
The first, We came to Hoan Kiem lake to introduce about Legend, Ly Thai To King, Turtle Tower ( feng-shui law) and how to resist foreign culture.

Full day tour to discover Hanoi
Hoa Lo prison

The second, I took them to Hoa Lo prison.But we were not in because .They don’t want to horrible inside. They said me: maybe “they would cry when we entered .“So, I told them the stories outside.My stories,it talks about the pain of Vietnam and the historical stories that I know.
Then we came to Van Mieu ))))))) .we entered Van Mieu to talk about education,Buddha, Bronze Drums,water puppet, Special couple (crane- turtle). I also had to explain everything.

Full day tour to discover Hanoi
temple of literature

Examples: Buddha why so many hands many eyes , why Buddha sitting on lotus, festival Flag, Ensign, why Vietnam worship Confucian, why they burn Incense-stick bla. Bla….
We had Lunch with OBAMA food near the temple. The food was quite good; they enjoyed it. Here, we talked to each other more. And I was really like a TWINS BOY. Their Name of twins boy: KAI ( It means clever ) RAIN ( It means happy ) ))
Twins were shy, but they’re cute. The Twins was always asked me: Bro – where are we  going now?? or where are we going next??? , I have imagined it like the series “ A Oi Minh Di Dau The “:v

Full day tour to discover Hanoi
Dong xuan market

When we ended up at the Temple, they wanted to find a coat, bag, and shoes. So I have to take them come to the Old Quarter Tour. They wanted to buy some things which have good quality, but it’s Cheap:3 .. so,i took them to DONG XUAN market, But they were also Window-Shopping. Then we came to Hang Duong to buy Gem and fried-fruit.
Pleas : I realized that; I didn’t have time to chat because I was a guide I had to take the lead, to make sure they do not get lost and to ensure their safety.
I made them become a line and had to slow down. I didn’t have time to chat with each others, so I also have told “ Please people gathered here” It liked a Professional guide


Today I’m quite tired. But, that isn’t important to me. I had a beautiful day with them; I prayed the most everything for them!

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