The snacks of winter in Hanoi (part 2)


    Winter in Hanoi very special even without snow, make people closer, find temporary shelter for the warmth of life source. hawkers with fire and hot grilled food, which tastes better when it is cooler is ideal for any food lovers.The following is a list of some of the most typical snacks that have become a part of winter in Hanoi

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    1. Fried eggs with Mugwort – Trứng ngải cứu

      The snacks of winter in Hanoi (part 2)

    Winter in Hanoi, sales of baby duck egg and fried egg with mugwort have become much in demand, not only because they are delicious, cheap, but also healthy and quickly served. The bitterness of mugwort adds more flavor for the dish, making it unforgettable for the first try. If you dare to eat baby duck egg with mugwort soup, it’s well worth another try and for sure, there is nothing better for your health during these chilly days.

    The snacks of winter in Hanoi (part 2)
    Fried eggs with Mugwort – Trứng ngải cứu
    1. Rice pyramid dumplings for winter in Hanoi – Bánh giò

    Commonly found at local delis shops, these dumplings are best when eaten fresh from the steamer, when they are soft and redolent of the tealike fragrance of the banana leaf wrapper. Inside, the firmish-soft rice dough encases a savory pork, shallot, and wood ear mushroom.

    The snacks of winter in Hanoi (part 2)
    Rice pyramid dumplings – Bánh giò

    Traditionally, bánh giò are wrapped in many layers of banana leaf in order to produce the signature pyramid shape. The flavor is buttery, sweet-smelling but refreshing and well combined with sweet and sour cucumber, grilled pork and hot chili sauce.

    The snacks of winter in Hanoi (part 2)
    Rice pyramid dumplings – Bánh giò
    1. Sticky rice with Mung bean and Fried Shallots – Xôi xéo

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    Amazingly attractive with its bright yellow color, “xoi xeo” is kept warm in a bamboo basket which is carried on the shoulder or fastened behind the bicycle. In other regions, sticky rice is mainly for breakfast, in Hanoi, however, it can be enjoyed all the day with indispensably familiar sound of street hawkers heralding across the city.

    The snacks of winter in Hanoi (part 2)
    Xôi xéo

    The ingredients for making “xoi xeo” include glutinous rice, turmeric powder, mung bean, shallot, and some liquid fat. The secret is that it is the turmeric powder, mixed with water and glutinous rice, that will create the natural yellow for the dish. The yellow of the turmeric rice and bean, the brown of shallot, the distinctive green of banana leaf all mix and match perfectly, and combine to make an eye-catching “xoi xeo”.

    1. Vietnamese cornflakes – Bỏng

      The snacks of winter in Hanoi (part 2)
      Metarial Rice

    Bỏng has long been an indispensable treat since childhood of Vietnamese people in general and Hanoians in particular. Bỏng can be made from corn, rice and etc. with or without added sugar, however it is always interesting to eat along with some hot tea while chatting with friends about life and weather. Bỏng is more delicious and crispy right after making, so eat them as fast as possible and you can’t keep it until tomorrow because it will soften when contact with the air.

    The snacks of winter in Hanoi (part 2)
    Vietnamese cornflakes – Bỏng

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