Pho (Noodle soup )



a�?BA?nh pha�Ya�?, the backbone of many dishes of a�?pha�Ya�?, is a kind of fresh noodle, made from rice flour. It is white, thin, flat and tastes slightly buttery and sweet like boiled rice.


Based on the way of cooking, a�?pha�Ya�? dishes are divided into four types: a�?Pha�Y n?�a��ca�?- noodle with broth, a�?pha�Y xA�oa�?- stir fried noodle, a�?pha�Y khA?a�?- dried noodle, and a�?pha�Y tra��na�?- mixed noodle. Moreover, each kind has a wide range of different dishes, that makes up the variety of a�?pha�Ya�?a��s flavor.

Pho (Noodle soup )
Pho (Noodle soup )

a�?Pha�Y n?�a��ca�? is the traditional and the most popular among different kinds of a�?pha�Ya�?. The most renowned dish of a�?pha�Y n?�a��ca�? is a�?pha�Y bA?a�?- Vietnamese beef noodle soup, which is originated from the northern province of Nam Dinh. A bowl of a�?pha�Y n?�a��ca�? consits of a�?bA?nh pha�Ya�? which has been plunged into boiling water for a short time, sweet broth made of long-simmered ox bones (or chicken bones, in the south of Vietnam), sliced meat (beef, chicken or shrimp), all topped with onions. The dish is accompanied with lime, chili/ chili sauce, chili-garlic vinegar. Hanoians love to enjoy a�?pha�Y n?�a��ca�? with some a�?qua?�ya�?- fried bread sticks. Meanwhile, people living in the south usually have a�?pha�Ya�? together with a number of raw vegetables like Vietnamese basil, coriander, mung bean sprout, ring onion soaked in vinegar and a bowl of fat broth served to order. a�?Pha�Y n?�a��ca�? is prefered to be served hot.

Other kinds of a�?Pha�Ya�? including a�?pha�Y xA�oa�?, a�?pha�Y tra��na�?, a�?pha�Y khA?a�? have appeared for some recent decades. a�?Pha�Y xA�oa�? is made of a�?bA?nh pha�Ya�? stir-fired with beef and some vegetable. a�?Pha�Y tra��na�? is a kind of salad made of a�?bA?nh pha�Ya�? mixed with some herbs, raw vegetable, stir-fired beef and topped with roasted peanuts.

Like its name, a�?pha�Y khA?a�? or a�?pha�Y hai tA?a�?- two bowl noodle is served with two bowls. One bowl offers a�?bA?nh pha�Ya�? mixed with fried ground pork, fired onion, and some kinds of raw vegetables like lettuce, mung bean sprout; the other offers sweet broth with sliced beef. While a�?pha�Y xA�oa�? and a�?pha�Y khA?a�? are preferred to be served hot or warm, a�?pha�Y tra��na�? is a cool dish which is much favored in hot summer days.

Pho (Noodle soup )
Pho (Noodle soup )

Story about Pha�Y

a�?Pha�Ya�? is a popular dish in the north of Vietnam and properly the second most popular food among Vietnamese (after boiled rice). Nam Dinh is said to be the homeland of a�?Pha�Ya�?, however, Hanoi is where this delicious food is largely consumed and becomes famous specialty. a�?Pha�Ya�? is favorite breakfast, lunch or late night snack of many Hanoians and becomes a must-try food for any tourist comes to the city.

About 50 years ago, a�?pha�Ya�? was brought from the north to the south of Vietnam and new dishes like a�?pha�Y tA?ma�?- shrimp noodle, a�?pha�Y khA? Gia Laia�?-dried noodle were born. After 1975, many Saigoneses immigrated to the US, Canada, Australia, and brought a�?Pha�Y SA�i GA?na�? to the Western. Nowadays, prestigious restaurant chain like a�?Pha�Y 24a�? which operates in Vietnam and many countries all over the world makes it known internationally.

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